The Making of the World's First High Performance Sports Drink

It's not easy. But it sure is fun.

The Making of the World's First High Performance Sports Drink

OFFFIELD began with the founding team applying new Runner’s High research to their own personal health journey. We wanted to find out if cannabinoids can be used to mimic the same effects by testing it out on ourselves. We were overworked, overweight, and stressed out. We had little to lose. 

It worked. Rather dramatically. 

We began looking forward to exercising. It made us more competitive and more humble. Brought balance to our lives. For the first time since we were kids, we had fun. 

We then set out to make the world’s best products that activate the endocannabinoid system, while still delivering the energy and motivation you need to push yourself.

The first people we told about the idea said “who would use cannabis during a workout?” 

We asked, “Do you?” 

Each answered, “Yes, but who else would?”

Turns out millions of people already use cannabis specifically before working out. We’re just the first to focus on it, improve on it, and most importantly make it. Because making it was not easy.

We tested everything and sports drinks made sense. They hydrate you, which is important for any and every activity. They are non-carcinogenic, a big improvement from smoking and vaping. They use water soluble cannabinoids, making them faster-acting and deliver more bio-availability. 

The problem? 

Our drink is hard to make. It’s not a “non-alc” alternative with juice and bitters in it. It’s a non-carbonated high performance sports drink meant for beginners and elite athletes, alike. 

We knew how to formulate it, but manufacturing it at scale and delivering a product that met our specifications felt impossible. Overregulation, opportunistic licensing practices, and a healthy dose of dysfunction is the norm for the cannabis industry in California. 

So, we decided to test more batches while contemplating if we had to build the factory ourselves. After a year of testing, we entered the product into our Offfield Labs program, allowing hundreds of athletes across disciplines to share their first hand experience. With their feedback and advancements in infusion technology and a change in regulation, we were able to make the product we set out to make with partners that understood the .

Formulated to enjoy your next workout while improving performance both mentally and physically, our new High Performance Sports Drink most definitely puts the active in psychoactive.

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