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New CBD enhanced performance drinks for mind & body.

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feel enhanced.

Proven cannabis research and sports science for the everyday athlete.


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    Non-psychoactive CBD and CBG
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    Doctor formulated and tested
    with active longevity in mind.

reviews podium

  • ... "I’ve never felt so relaxed and dialed in during my runs."

    Eddy F
  • ... "Love it! Right before my 5 mile run & I definitely feel the boost!"

    Bre M
  • ... "I can say that I am really feeling a difference in muscle endurance."

    Cheryl S.
  • ... "Well I’m anxiously awaiting my next order! My fave hydration."

    Kym S.
  • ... "Fantastic product! Hydrated me for hiking and running."

    Bradley C.
  • ... "The biggest thing I’ve seen is how quickly I recover."

    James N.
  • ... "Makes me feel like I am focused on enjoying the ride."

    Bianca P.
  • ... "I love using it before my workouts because it really helps."

    Martha S.

feel good about it.

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  • sweat, but don't sweat it

    30-days risk free. Happiness guaranteed.

  • last prisoner project

    1% of revenue goes towards reform.

  • made in california

    Grown & tested in the United States.

OFFFIELD Player One Enhanced Hydration

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