How CBD drinks let you run longer… for longer.

Natural remedies to inflammation made for staying active for a long time.

How CBD drinks let you run longer… for longer.

Everyone is looking for a “get fit quick” secret. Well, here’s the secret: it doesn’t exist. Fitness, health, vitality, whatever you want to call it, is something that should not be viewed in days, but a lifetime. You want to be able to run, like really run. You want to play tennis for as long as you can, not just a set. You want to lift weights now, so you can lift your grandchildren later. But here’s the real secret to getting healthy and staying healthy, start and never finish. It’s not about tomorrow, it’s about now. Make it the part of your life you can control, that you can enjoy. It’s the one thing you can be selfish about, and everyone around you benefits from your good habits. Then one day, at some random point in the future, you’ll wake up and be like “hot diggidy dog, I feel great.” Right after you blurt that out, you’ll remember this article and realize that we were right, that the metaverse is not as cool as they promised it would be, and going outside for a quick jog is always a great idea. So let’s get started with some tips and tricks for how and why CBD drinks can improve the long haul of staying healthy.

Pain Management

Starting off hurts. Ok, it kind of hurts the whole time. That’s why it’s important to use pain management as a tool for continuing your journey. Rather than allow soreness, aches and pains stop you nor dissuade you from progressing, you need to do your best with staying a step ahead. Ice is your friend. Hot saunas and cold showers are your friend. CBD and CBG is your friend. A good night of sleep is your friend. All of which are focused on the most important part of physical longevity, reducing inflammation. These are all natural resources that take time to get used to, however, have far fewer side-effects than over the counter pain pills that can impair kidney function, damage your liver, or cause GI distress.


Many of the ailments we experience come from inflammation. For a long time, people have tried to synthetically and dramatically reduce inflammation with over the counter drugs. However, some studies show that some inflammation can be beneficial. “Although inflammation has historically been viewed as detrimental for recovery from exercise, it is now generally accepted that inflammatory responses, if tightly regulated, are integral to muscle repair and regeneration.” So a little bit of pain can go a long way in terms of performance and recovery time. It’s important to not be numb to it, but present in your recovery and your progress. That’s where CBD drinks come in. They offer anti-inflammation benefits that are all natural and safe to increase or decrease dose based on personal preference, while providing a calm focus and ample hydration which is important for activity and recovery. This will allow for a homeostasis between your mental and physical longevity. Less anxiety and more pleasure goes a long way.


Loving what you do is important, especially when it comes to fitness. Finding what you love may not happen overnight, but the good part is we all have a lot of amazing options to choose from. Go down the list of recreational activities, fitness classes, or sports and we can guarantee you will find one that you love if you give it a little time. Once you find something you’re interested in, then comes the hard work of getting good. What many people do not consider before starting a new fitness routine is that your mental strength is even more important than your physical strength. Weight-lifters have referred to it as a mind-body connection, runners have called it a runner's high, tennis players say they were in a flow, and basketball players say they were on fire. No matter what you call it, that is your brain and your body moving in concert. That means you have less mental stress and more focus. That’s not an easy thing to achieve given that we all have many of life’s concerns floating around our brains. To help manage mental fatigue and overthinking, CBD has shown to provide a nice calming effect so that you are able to focus on what’s in front of you (which is hopefully not your phone) when you're staying active. When combined with a powerful and natural adaptogen L-Theanine, it balances your energy, enhancing attention, focus, memory and learning. Great for anyone ready to take on something new or continue doing what they love.

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