3 CBD Benefits Every Runner Needs To Know

A new generation of runners benefiting from the innovation in CBD research and development targeted to athletes.

3 CBD Benefits Every Runner Needs To Know

CBD sports drinks have become incredibly popular for working out, particularly runners at all levels. This makes sense when you consider that the many benefits of CBD, such as lower inflammation, pain relief, faster recovery, reduced anxiety and improved sleep are of utmost importance to people who enjoy (or are just starting) an active lifestyle.

The Benefits of CBD for Running

With so much popularity, brands are starting to create innovative products for athletes that use cannabinoids as a key ingredient. And there’s good reason, the Endocannabinoid System that works in conjunction with CBD is also responsible for the natural Runner’s High effect we all hope to experience. However, not all products are made equal and it is important to know the difference between CBD types. So, let’s start there.

Types of CBD Extracts

Isolate: When creating an isolate extract, the CBD chemical compound has been stripped away from all other phytocannabinoids. Although Isolate has benefits in being odorless and easy to mix with other ingredients, research has shown that the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, also known as the entourage effect, boosts the effects of CBD. Stripping away all other cannabinoids prevents you from experiencing many of the benefits, making isolate the least effective.

Broad Spectrum: Unlike Isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD includes other compounds within the plant, minus the THC, which is removed after the initial extraction. Broad Spectrum extracts contain multiple cannabinoids which allow for the entourage effect to take place, without the psychoactive component of THC. Broad Spectrum CBD carries some of the tastes and terpenes from the plant, however, it is a consistent flavor depending on the extraction process.

Full Spectrum: If an extract is full-spectrum, it contains all phytochemicals found in the cannabis plant, including CBD, trace cannabinoids, and terpenes. Full-spectrum extracts also come with a negligible amount of THC (below 0.3%). By far the most potent of the three, Full-Spectrum CBD can give you a false positive result during a drug test, and has a varied flavor and terpene profile depending on the plant batch it was extracted from.

No matter which one you choose, always make sure the brands you go with offer third-party lab results to prove the efficacy and potency of their products.

Running Benefit #1: Lower Inflammation and Pain Relief

Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation is one of the key factors to pain, injury, and fast recovery. Managing inflammation can make all the difference between being unable to walk the next day to being able to jump out of bed and go for another 5k. Speeding recovery by helping to reduce the inflammation has unlimited benefits to performance and recovery. Many athletes have begun using CBD as a natural solution to inflammation. Prior to the 2018 legalization of CBD, many runners were known for taking daily doses of Advil and Ibuprofen, which carry a significant list of side effects. CBD has replaced these synthetic drugs and are showing that many are able to transition away and improve their quality of life.

Runner Benefit #2: Sleep and Recovery

CBD Benefits for Sleep and Recovery

Sleep and Recovery have finally become normalized as a necessary part of living a healthy and active life. Finding time for both on the other hand does become a challenge. Studies have suggested that CBD can help with falling sleeping and have deeper sleep which is incredibly important for recovery. The combination of cardiovascular exercise and CBD is a winning combination for those that want to feel their best when they’re awake, and be completely at ease when they’re asleep. And for those taking a much needed recovery day, CBD helps manage pain and inflammation so you can recover faster and get back out there when you’re ready to get moving again.

Runner Benefit #3: Anti-Anxiety

CBD Benefit Stress Relief

Although CBD is non-psychoactive, the mind body connection is very important and affects almost every aspect of your workout. Being stressed out mentally will always result in poor performance or inability to fulfill your fitness goals. CBD can help calm and stabilize the mind and body connection allowing you to focus on the activity and not the million other things you have going on. Some report experiencing a lethargic effect from CBD and need to balance with other ingredients, such as caffeine or L-Theanine.


Finding the right CBD product for your next run means you need to read reviews and test what makes sense for you. Thanks to the extraction process and third party testing, there is no risk in psychoactive effects. Testing efficacy and experience may take some time, but once you dial it in you should experience the many benefits of this powerful cannabinoid. OFFFIELD Enhanced Hydration uses Broad Spectrum CBD and CBG to kill two birds with one stone: the highest quality ingredients for hydration and the best water soluble CBD and CBG specifically formulated for endurance and activity.

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As a natural solution for many of the struggles with living an active lifestyle, there is plenty to be excited about when it comes to CBD.

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