Movement Made Happy.
we believe an open mind and an active life is a better prescription for self-care.

peace of mind

We believe that honesty, compassion and empathy is good business. We’ve laid out a holistic vision for OFFFIELD that ensures that as we grow we create meaningful impact. Goals that will take a lifetime to accomplish but worth the journey. We fund these goals by allocating 1% of revenue into initiatives for People, Places and Planet, and by growing our company in their service.

Peace of Mind Venn Diagram

For too long, the war on drugs led to the dismantling of communities of color. While cannabis has been deemed essential amongst legalized states throughout the country, thousands of people are sitting in prison for their participation in what is now a legal and thriving industry. OFFFIELD is committed to using our resources and platforms to enact change. Throughout 2020, we are committing 1% of revenue to The Last Prisoner Project, so every stick we sell, sticks it to injustice. Together we can restore justice to millions by decriminalizing marijuana and expunging records of nonviolent federal cannabis convictions.

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