Dear friends and fellow athletes,

As a wise man once said, “the rent is too d*** high.” 

We are writing to inform you that our pricing and subscription discounts will be changing on January 1, 2023. This change will help us catch up to rising ingredients, production, and shipping costs, so we can continue to elevate our products and your experience. Below is a breakdown of the changes.

Subscription Discounts

  • Our subscription discount will improve from 15% to 20%, and we’ll be grandfathering all existing subscribers into the lowest price. For clarity with existing active subscribers, if you are paying less than the updated price, you will continue to pay less. If you are paying more than the new rate, we will update your pricing to see a bigger discount in the new year. We understand the importance of consistency, and want to continue rewarding those that stick with us!

Enhanced Hydration

  • One-Time Purchase: From $35 to $40
  • Subscription: From $29.75 to $32

Athletic Energy Gummies

  • One-Time Purchase: From $50 to $52
  • Subscription: $42.50 to $41.60

Trial Bundles


We created OFFFIELD with the belief that an open mind and an active life is a better prescription for self-care. Every day, our team works toward delivering on that belief by promoting the enjoyment of having our health, not the fear of losing it. We will continue to bring more innovation and products in the new year that we hope to share with you soon. Happy holidays and cheers to a healthy new year!