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enhanced hydration

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A plant enhanced sports drink infused with 20mg broad spectrum CBD, CBG, L-Theanine and the essential minerals you need in every stick (12 servings per bag) to activate your endocannabinoid system for an optimal mind and body experience.

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A plant enhanced sports drink infused with 20mg broad spectrum CBD, CBG, L-Theanine and the essential minerals you need in every stick (12 servings per bag) to activate your endocannabinoid system for an optimal mind and body experience.


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hydration with benefits

Fights inflammation and mental fatigue

Alleviates anxiety and improves energy

Hydrates 2x faster than water alone

Way less sugar than other sports drinks

Powerful essential minerals you need

THC free


Soy free






Low sugar


Caffeine free


Gluten free




plant enhanced biometrics

We use Plant Enhanced Biometrics (PEB) to develop each of our formulations. Through a patented micro-encapsulation system, our water dispersible formula contains the highest quality CBD and CBG that mixes evenly. Sourcing the highest quality plants and minerals allows your mind to feel calm and your body to stay active.

accessing the runner's high

OFFFIELD uses broad spectrum CBD & CBG to access your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with no psychoactive THC. Activation of the ECS has been linked to the runner's high, triggered during high endurance exercise.

quality ingredients
for a quality experience

quality ingredients for a quality experience


Broad Spectrum CBD & CBG

Selected for quality and effect, these phytocannabinoids work together to help you keep moving and feeling awesome.



An incredible tea leaf derived energy boost without the jitteriness of caffeine. It's the thrill of winning, without the pressure of competing


Vitamin B12

An essential vitamin, vital to creating red blood cells. B12 enhances oxygen delivery, energy production, and fights fatigue.


Magnesium & Zinc

Magnesium has been found to boost exercise performance and inflammation. While Zinc is great for building a strong immune system.

The Runner’s High is a bragging right amongst runners, yet how it worked remained a mystery to scientists for generations. With the legalization of cannabis research came the discovery of the source of the Runner’s High. The Endocannabinoid System induces and regulates exercise highs for just about any activity. The same Endocannabinoid System that is activated with cannabinoids like CBD and CBG.

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Heat Headaches Are Gone

I've been plagued most of my life with migraine headaches triggered by overheating and the sun. Living in Florida, I've had to make a choice everyday of playing tennis or getting a headache. Trying to better hydrate, I probably tried every sports drink on the market, but it never made a difference. Two months ago I started putting Offfield in my water bottle and I've been headache free, even after playing on the hottest of summer days. This is nothing short of a miracle for me. Thank you Offfield for changing my life!

Daniel M.
United States United States
Relaxing and calming

Enjoyed it. I'd recommend starting with half a packet, I might be a little sensitive to it though. Would order again, cool company to deal with.

Cameron M.
United States United States
I think its actually pretty good

Wasn't sure at first but after tonight's run i'm definitely liking it. I wish it came in larger quantities though.

Tim C.
United States United States
I never thought it was possible to enjoy a loss....until now

There I was taking a beat down, being repeatedly forced to hit my singlehanded backhand from above shoulder height, drowning in a sea of heavy topspin, praying this delicious, tart, non-sugary energy drink was going to do something, anything, to help me. When I suddenly realized I was happy. But I was losing. But I was happy? Instead of getting mad, I was able to focus on just playing my game. I mean, my game was never going to be enough to do anything about the Nadal clone on the other side of the net. But my Lime Offfield did all it could to help, and that's all I could ask of it.

Kyle B.
United States United States
The better you take care of yourself, the better it works.

I’m a runner. When I hydrate with OFFFIELD, I really do notice a difference. During those faster tempo runs, I feel more control over my breathing. My mind feels smoother if that makes sense. I am able to slow down my thinking, which rids away the panicky/anxious feeling you get when reaching those higher heart rates. I wouldn’t say it GIVES me energy, but it USES the energy I have way more efficiently, that’s why the title says “the better you take care of yourself, the better it works.” I love OFFFIELD, because it targets your mind, rather than your body. And your mind is the root of ALL movement.