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Plant enhanced hydration for your mind and body. Our formula combines fast hydration science with amazing plant-based cannabinoid goodness. Non-psychoactive, just plain old active.

🌀 12 sticks per bag

🌿 20mg of CBD per serving

🍃 L-Theanine for stress relief

💊 B12 for a little boost

Try risk-free. Your happiness comes first.


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This non-psychoactive blend of broad spectrum CBD and CBG, selected for quality and taste, works together to fight inflammation and manage pain. The good stuff. The cheeba. Formulated to be easy to dissolve in water with a subtle hint of lime.


OFFFIELD Endurance Skater

Everyone is built differently and every activity demands something different, making endurance a challenging thing to improve. We started with hydration because it is the most necessary part of any activity for every single person. The enhancements in our formula are designed for the everyday athlete to boost their endurance by making the activity itself more enjoyable and less painful so you can repeat it the next day and the day after that and the day after that. (But dont forget to throw in a recovery day!)

OFFFIELD Runner Endurance

OFFFIELD Anxiety Icon

Stress and anxiety is at an all time high for so many reasons we would need another website just to list them. OFFFIELD believes that with a little help from our formula, more people can make the lifestyle changes they need to find natural alternatives to stress and anxiety relief. An obvious benefit of regular activity is physical improvement to your body and immune system, but the less talked about is the mental benefit you get from it. Our Plant Enhanced Hydration includes L-Theanine, CBD, CBG, and B12 meant to jumpstart your next activity a little faster so that you can enjoy it a lot more.

OFFFIELD Skater Anti-Anxiety

OFFFIELD Inflammation

Inflammation can be caused by a number of reasons. When it comes to staying active, exercise-induced inflammation is the body’s response to intense physical activity. Acute inflammation is a normal response to exercise, but can really get in the way of making progress. Dealing with soreness and pain caused by inflammation is what we’re all about. Our enhanced hydration formula includes plant and adaptogen ingredients that have natural anti-inflammatory properties. The reduction of inflammation allows for less pain and faster recovery for when you’re ready for a physical break from your day.

OFFFIELD Tennis Anti-Inflammation
It has never been safer, cleaner, and more fun for people to find something that works for them. Here are a few tips for those trying to stay active with the help of a few magical cannabinoids.
“This tastes great.”
- Rio Lakeshore -

the science behind the magic

Only in the last decade has modern science been allowed to make some amazing findings on how plant-based medicine can outperform synthetic drugs without all the side-effects. Not only that, our body’s own endocannibinoid system is built to naturally process cannabinoids, linked directly to the runner's high experience. Quite simply, we’re made for this stuff. Freakin' magical!
Let's get to know our Endocannabinoid system (ECS). Only in 1992 did Scientist Raphael Mechoulam discover that our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids with receptors throughout our body. Endocannabinoids move through our bodies, turning on these receptors to manage our well-being. A physiological system that regulates mood, pain, sleep, and immune functions. It gets better. The same receptors are also activated by plant cannabinoids (phytocannabinoids). You might say that we’re made for this stuff. What’s even more amazing, different combinations of cannabinoids, such as CBD and CBG, have different effects and benefits to both your mind and body.

race towards reform

For too long, jackasses that look like these guys made all the rules on how we can study the many benefits of cannabis. Legislation effectively made cannabis research illegal and law enforcement became out of control. It’s up to all of us to create the change we demand from our elected officials by taking action. If you’re interested in enacting change, check out our goals to learn more about what we're doing with The Last Prisoner Project.

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Carly A.
United States
bye bye inflammation and soreness

As someone who has had two knee surgeries, I often experience stiffness and soreness when doing physical activity. However, I have been taking Offfield for a couple weeks now and have noticed less inflammation in my knees both during and post work out. I haven't needed to ice my knees nearly as much as I usually do. Thanks for the help, Offfield!

Dave B.
United States
Offfield, but on point.

After using Offfield for about a week I've noticed a significant boost while running. I've been struggling to get back on the grind after months of inactivity, and offfield has given me back that extra gear that I haven't been able to hit in a minute. Body feels better and mind feels more clear. Highly recommend.

John M.
United States
It Works!

Initially, I was skeptical of the product. I had tried other CBD products in the past & didn't feel the claimed results. HOWEVER, what a difference OFFFIELD made! I am diabetic, with a recent kidney transplant and find it difficult to walk for exercise. I started to feel better after just a week of use. The neuropathy in my feet lessened and I have started to be able to walk further than I did before. It will be a slow process, but with OFFFIELD, I believe that I'll be walking at least 5X further than I did before using the product regularly. Thanks for changing my mind about the efficacy of CBD!!

Partha U.
United States
Amazing Product

Really great quality product that made an impact on my runs and workouts!

United States
More joy!

As soon as I rip open the cute little packet, which is soothing in itself, and take my first sip, I know I’m doing something positive for not only my physical health but mental health, as well. Helps keep my mind from racing about the million things we are all balancing right now and enjoy my workout in a way I never thought I could. Feel much more connected and zen about the work which in turns makes me work harder and longer. Feel like I’ve found a secret weapon!