Get in the Zone with L-Theanine

If your goal is run longer, jump higher, or move happier, the one thing you might be missing is getting in the zone.

Get in the Zone with L-Theanine

Getting in the zone comes from drowning out the noise, outside and within. When Kobe Bryant had an 81-point explosion, resulting in the second-highest scoring game in NBA history, he told ESPN, “It's about the `W,' that's why I turned it on. It turned into something special.” Kobe drowned out the crowd by getting in the zone.

To crush our goals or just to enjoy our workout more, we need to get in the zone. You might not have the pressure of 40,000 fans or the financial incentive of a professional athlete, but we all have our own “crowd” making noise. Whether it’s having to do dishes, constant work obligations, or your neighbor's dog that just won’t shut up - when we aren't able to create space in our lives for movement, it can be frustrating.

What if I told you drowning out the crowd is easier with the help of a plant? In creating our Enhanced Hydration formula, we worked with scientists to understand how plants could help us get in the zone. Enter L-Theanine...

L-theanine’s brain boosting powers energize, relax, and focus the mind; without any drowsiness.

L-Theanine is an adaptogen extracted from tea leaves, proven to manage stress. Studies using Electroencephalography (the fancy term for monitoring brain activity) have proven L-theanine’s brain boosting powers to energize, relax, and focus the mind- without any drowsiness. This incredible tea leaf derived energy boost, is an all natural way to maintain calm, focus as you move, and get in the zone.

This amino acid doesn't just get you in the zone, it’s good for your body too! L-Theanine boosts GABA levels, serotonin and dopamine. These are the natural chemicals in your brain that regulate mood, pain alleviation, concentration, appetite, and energy. L-theanine triggers the pathways in your brain that release these feel good chemicals!!

Not only does L-theanine give us that feel good energy, it does so without the jitters! As a natural anxiolytic, its a chemical that releases anxiety without any drowsiness. The anti-anxiety properties of L-theanine can give you a sense of calmness before movement. By taking a stress relieving supplement before you move, your endurance improves. L-theanine can suppress the sympathetic nervous system, aka “fight or flight” stress mode. Which means that the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in to maintain the body’s current state of calm during the activity.

Even if we’re not playing a historic basketball game to get to the NBA playoffs, adaptogens like L-theanine help you feel like a winner no matter the activity. If your goal is run longer, jump higher, or move happier, the one thing you might be missing is getting in the zone. When L-theanine is consumed, your brain releases the feel-good chemicals to help you drown out the crowd and calm the fuck down. You can focus on enjoying movement, and not worrying about, well everything these days.

L-Theanine, What You Need To Know…

It's extracted from tea leaves, so it’s a plant-based energy source.
It's an amino acid that triggers feel good chemicals, it is good for your mental & physical health!
It fights anxiety by suppressing the sympathetic nervous system, aka “fight or flight” stress mode.
It helps you worry less so you can enjoy movement more!

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