Don’t Overthink Your Cardio

A little mindfulness can go a long way.

Don’t Overthink Your Cardio

Cardio is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your health.  It’s also a huge pain in the ass to get started.  No matter if it’s your first day or tenth year, getting the best out of your run can be stressful. Your mind isn’t always convinced the experience will be worth it, making it all the more difficult to get the hard part out of the way.  What you’re missing is endurance.

Endurance; the ability to sustain a prolonged stressful effort. Clearly, the ability to control mental stress is a huge challenge in itself, let alone get your body moving.  Much like meditation, endurance activities require a similar mental focus in which you try to clear your mind and let your body do the work.  By disconnecting the mind from the body, pain is more manageable and time is relevant. Some refer to this reward phase of exercise as being in the zone, hitting your stride, or feeling a runner’s high.

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We created OFFFIELD Enhanced Hydration so that you reach the reward phase a lot faster through specially formulated ingredients meant to calm your mind and hydrate your body.  A great balance of electrolytes for anyone that’s ready to sweat, combined with adaptogens and cannabinoids to help you calm your mind and enjoy it.

For beginners, the hardest part is building mental endurance.  Your frontal cortex convinces your body that cardio is a good idea.  But as soon as you start moving, your brain begins to go crazy. Your medulla says “Screw this. There’s nothing chasing us, so why are we running?” Your instinct and your logic are in opposition with each other.

The hardest part is building mental endurance.

Cannabidiol (CBD extracted from the cannabis plant) and L-Theanine (an adaptogen extracted from tea leaf) are two natural non-psychoactive supplements proven for many to manage stress.  By taking a stress relieving supplement before you run, your endurance improves.

Now for people already living a more active lifestyle, not every day can be your best day without a little help. Staying properly hydrated is a must to get you through any distance activity, but much like a beginner, you still have a lot on your mind. Overcoming your mental stress is the difference between your personal best and just another run.  

So how do you quiet your brain down and lower your stress without affecting your energy? We chose a natural way, CBD and L-Theanine.

OFFFIELD gives you what your body needs to keep the engine running with a low-sugar (non stevia) electrolyte solution for hydration, while providing a mental calming effect so you feel the natural benefits of being in the zone, hitting your stride, or feeling a runner’s high.  After you feel it enough times, it can transform your cardio into a lifestyle.  That’s why we made OFFFIELD for an open mind and an active life.

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