You're Not A Pro. Dope.

A cannabis guide for runners, yogis, and the everyday athlete.

You're Not A Pro. Dope.

Historically, cannabis was looked upon as the drug of the lazy. Fuel for burnouts, couch potatoes, and stoners with nothing to achieve. However, legalization and the changing cultural conversation on cannabis is showing that reality doesn't match the rhetoric. Legal cannabis made way for legal research, today several studies have been carried out to show the benefits of cannabis, including its ability to support the movement of athletes. 

Many runners and other athletes are now finding a flourish through cannabis. As this tends to be more confusing, you will be more surprised to realize that athletes are now finding a new way of using cannabis. They are using cannabis in their training.

In this article, we are going to look at the reason why athletes are using cannabis for training and beyond. Also, we are going to look at the benefits of different cannabinoids to athletes. Hopefully, this article answers most of your questions. Let's get started.

Why are athletes training with cannabis?

The Athlete's Best Friend

Training sessions are essential parts of any single person facing any contest, be it an athlete, an executive, or even a parent. Here are some of the reasons that are pushing athletes to use marijuana in the training sessions;

Improves Mental Focus

Contrary to the popular belief, cannabis has helped many athletes to tune out the noise and tune into their workout. While studies have just begun, people that use cannabis with their training say that cannabis helps them to stay calm and present by reducing their anxiety, making them remain focused on their training. The right dosage can be a catalyst that helps athletes to achieve a meditative flow state, something fundamental for every athlete.

Improves Quality of Sleep

Sleep is the tool that your body uses to gain from heavy workouts and exercises. Hence without enough rest after vigorous activity, you are likely to wake up very tired and pissed off. Apart from that, you will wake up with red eyes and also, you will not be having feelings of going back to your workouts because you are suffering from burnouts since your body has not gained after your precious workout exercises or vigorous training.

Both CBD and THC help Induce sleep. A combination of THC and CBD helps to improve the quality of sleep because of the entourage effect of cannabis.

They work together to get your body calm and less anxious. With reduced stress and anxiety when you get to sleep, you fall asleep like a toddler, and the next morning you wake up very sober, healthy and re-energized for your daily workout or training as an athlete.

Treats Muscle Spasms

More of a medical application of cannabis in a recreational genre; thus, Medically cannabis has shown it can treat muscle spasms that are linked to diseases such as Parkinson's diseases and multiple sclerosis.

Therefore, as a result, these benefits could be extended to athletes that are suffering from muscle spasms.

Previous studies carried out in rodents have shown that there was an improved recovery of muscles and muscle spasms majorly because of the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

However, there is a need for more research to be Carried out on human beings since there is no scientific research that has been done on People concerning this effect. However, there are confessions from athletes who have used cannabis over the same factor.

Cannabis Eases Pain and Soreness

Scientific studies have shown numerous positive results in this area. Both THC and CBD have shown great promises in alleviating pain. These come hand in hand with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD that help reduce Inflammation.

Marijuana helps alleviate pain across all angles; pain from muscle spasms, pain from chronic conditions, and any other form of pain.

The cannabinoids (Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol) interact with the endocannabinoid receptors of the Endocannabinoid system to block the stimulus of pain from reaching the brain. To be more specific, THC Interacts with the CB1 receptors present in mind to help stop pain stimuli from reaching the brain.

Also, consuming Kush happens to be the best way of relieving pain for individuals that are tired of conventional medicine that come with side effects.

Cannabis Reduces Inflammation

Vigorous training and workouts make our athletes suffer from muscle and joint inflammation. The good news, however, scientific studies about cannabis have shown a great promise in helping reduce inflammation.

The non-psychoactive component of cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD), has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce both muscle and joint inflammation to allow athletes to remain in a fit state.

Cannabidiol (CBD) reacts with the endocannabinoid receptors of the Endocannabinoid system to help prevent the stimulus of Inflammation.

Mostly for the cases of inflammation, athletes use CBD creams that they apply directly on the skin on the parts that they are suffering inflammation from. The cream is directly absorbed into the body, whereby it reacts with the different body organs to help reduce inflammation.

CBD infused sprays can also be used, and both the two methods take little time to be useful as they are directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Now, after a close examination of the above benefits of cannabis for athletes, we realize that they are from CBD and THC, so what about CBG? Here are some of the benefits that CBG has athletes;

Promotes Bone Growth

Strong bones are essential for every human being. Bones support our entire weigh; hence for athletes having strong bones is an added advantage.

Athletes put more strain on their skeletal system. Long-distance runners, for instance, absorb lots of impact on their feet, spinal column, and their legs. Thus, most runners suffer from stress fractures both in training on the race.

Study shows that CBG can help to promote bone growth hence making it a perfect supplement to be added into an athlete's daily routine. Also, it can be advantageous to the athletes as it can help athletes to heal quickly from bone Injuries.

Increases Appetite

It is general knowledge that health is wealth. Any single individual is required to take a well-balanced diet for the sake of his/her general well being. However, sometimes factors such as lack of appetite may affect one from feeding well, and the result will be a weak immune system prone to diseases and underweight as a result of underfeeding.

Physical workouts and training sessions are quite vigorous; hence, they require one to eat well to be energetic and avoid being worn out quickly. Therefore, athletes need to feed well enough before starting their training and workout sessions to get enough energy.

THC is well known for increasing appetite. However, significant studies are showing that CBG alleviates hyperphagia (a medical term to define extreme hunger). To mean that, CBG.: It can be of great help to endurance athletes that need to consume more fuel for their competition and training.

Antibacterial Properties

The gym area can be the best place for staph infections to spread quickly if it is not cleaned correctly. This endangers the life of athletes who spend their time in the gym.

Good news. However, CBG has proved to be a powerful anti-bacterial agent. Hence, thus it can be a great addition to these athletes. Also, CBG helps to fight other bacterial infections; thus, it helps to boost the immune system of the body. Therefore by adding CBG to their daily routine, athletes have an assurance of a robust immunity system.

CBG also has got other benefits like those of THC and CBD. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight pain and inflammation. CBG also plays a crucial role in preserving neurons and improving motor deficits. Furthermore, CBG works as an antioxidant.

A Potential Gateway To Active Life

Cannabis is gradually becoming a household name in many parts across the globe. In the United States, cannabis is legal for medicinal and recreational uses. However, with the continued gaining popularity, athletes and sportspeople are finding a flourish in cannabis.

They are using cannabis for their training and workout exercises to help boost their performance during competition. The cannabinoids (CBG, THC, and CBD) have proved to be crucial elements of the cannabis that play an essential role in boosting their results. Hence if you are an athlete who wants to use cannabis for his/her training, then be sure to give it a trial.

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